Rhythms Media works accross Media spaces and platforms to ensure greater effect and higher efficiencies for a brand's/corporate's Media. Traditional Marketing includes the utilization of Press, Television and Radio. the proliferation of terrestrial channels both Television (now at 25 numbers) and Radio (now at 53) , along with print forms have fragmented audiences in the Sri Lankan space. Balancing Reach and frequency with traditional mediums have become huge challenges even with the aid of Media research – such as people metre data. Rapid growth of Internet penetration and minimum fragmentation in the social interaction platform with majority of audiences on Facebook makes capturing audiences much less cumbersome.

Furthermore, there exists possibilities for third party verification of web analytics. social media analytics including Facebook analytics while providing reasonably useful information for course correction also provides a systematic building of one's campaigns.

Digital marketing benefits. The first level of benefit in Digital marketing is the ability to directly reach a consumer and establish the foundation of a relationship. Identifying audiences through both demographics and behavioral identification makes targeting more focused adding a new dimension – that of recency meaning that the information on which the targeting is leveled is recent and live. Available analytics provide survey data and not sample based probabilities as is the case in the instance of people metres etc. Analytics software inspects actual World Wide Web behavior.

Our services include the following services; • Development of strategy, execution and management of Social Media campaigns including development of posts, and review of analytics. • Design and development of Web sites, content and designs. • Search Engine Optimization to ensure that one's website is at the top of a search result. • Graphics Development for the net – development and design of graphics that optimize the use of the Digital social medium. • Photography & Videography – to support graphics development for social media communication. • Content development for websites, extending to traditional mediums ) • Social media activation Other services • Content Development (Personal & Corporate Letter writing, Letter drafting, Speech writing), • Corporate Branding (Design of Brochures, Flayers, Leaflets, Magazines, Newsletter ) • Event Management

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